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TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression)

A transient (surge, impulse, or spike) is defined as a temporary rise in voltage and current on an electrical circuit that has been disturbed.  They are high energy (with magnitudes in the thousands of volts) and short duration (with rise times in the 1 to 10 microsecond range).  Since they are sub-cycle events, they should not be confused with longer duration events such as swells or temporary over voltages.  They disrupt, damage or destroy our electrical and electronic equipment in an instant and/or cause cumulative damage over a period of time resulting in unexplained failures.

A Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) or Surge Protection Device (SPD), as they are called, is a device that accomplishes two basic functions.  It first provides a place for a rise in current and voltage to equalize (other than across your equipment) and secondly, it absorbs or diverts the excess energy to places other than the protected load.  The object is 1) to do all of this as quickly and effectively as possible, 2) to be reliable enough, 3) to be ready when the next transient event occurs whether it be 10 nano-seconds later, and 4) to be able to repeat this performance over hundreds of thousands of events without failure.

The Major design goal is to divert as much of the transient energy away from the load as possible by providing a lower impedance path and then to address the effects of the surge with components of the SPD.  Various types of surge suppression components are used to provide this low impedance pathway, depending on the specific application of the device

Everyone who uses electricity (grid supplied or locally generated), telephone lines (voice only or fax/modem/data), computer data lines (data collection, data transmission, computer communication) needs some type of Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS).  In short, anyone who uses wire to accomplish any of these functions is in need of effective and reliable surge suppression.

Our TVSS units fro AC panel applications are UL 1449 2nd Edition Listed, UL 1283 Listed and CE Certified.  They are listed as TVSS and Secondary Surge Arresters.  All units are designed and built in the USA in a modern ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.  These units have both component level thermal fusing and patent-pending internal circuit board mounted over current fusing.  The multi-stage hybrid network, all mode design, and circuit encapsulation offer the lowest “Let Through Voltage” in the industry.  We can offer both internal and external designs in many styles and options.  The voltage range is 1 to 4160V with peak surge ratings of 90 to 900KA per phase.  

Our TVSS Supplier, Surge Suppression Incorporated, warrants all these units for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.  In other words, if a unit should self sacrifice in doing its job, it will be replaced free of charge for 25 years.  Our warranty gives the term “cost effective surge protection” an entirely new meaning.

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